Best Cheap Wedding Favors Under 50 Cents

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image of personalized hershey kisses with the text "wedding favors under $0.50"

One of the most common parts of wedding planning is figuring out what kind of favors to give guests to remember the day. But some brides are finding ways to cut back on the costly and flashy favors and opting for wedding favors under $1. To help you cut costs even more, here’s a round up of my favorite favors under 50 cents.

How much do weddings favors cost?

According to The Knot, the average cost of wedding favors is around $450, with some couples spending well over $500. That’s around $4 per favor for a wedding of 100-125 guests.

That’s why I recommend that couples eliminate wedding favors in many cases. You can read more about why I think wedding favors are not worth the money here. But wedding favors don’t have to take that much of a chuck out of your budget. In fact, you can get wedding favors under $0.50 each!

Here are 19 ideas for fabulous wedding favors under fifty cents each!

Wedding Mints

mr and mrs wedding favor mints
Mr & Mrs Mints – Available on Amazon

This is a classic and easy wedding favor – it’s cheap! You can get wedding mints that say cute things like “mint to be” or “Mr. & Mrs.” on the wrapper for around $17 for a bag of 100 mints on places like Amazon. That comes in at about 17 cents per favor!

Bubble Wands

bubbles in a jar that says "brandon and elisa 9/3/16"
200 Bubble Wands – Available on Amazon

As another classic wedding staple, small bubble wands are an easy and cheap favor for guests. You can purchase a pack of 200 bubble wands for about $35, which comes out to about 17 cents each. Bubble wands are also a great alternative to confetti at your ceremony exit.

Skeleton Key Bottle Openers

skeleton key bottle openers
Skeleton Key Bottle Openers – Available on Amazon

These favors have been becoming more popular in recent years. They are not only cute and available in a variety of styles, they are also very cheap. Skeleton Key Bottle Openers can be purchased in packs of 100 for $33, coming out to about 33 cents each.

Flower Seeds

let love grow seed packets on a table
Let Love Grow Seed Packets – Available on Amazon

Watch love grow! Your guests will love these seeds, and you will love the price. You can get a pack of 150 let love grow flower seed packs for just $15. Add seeds from your local hardware store or Walmart and that comes out to way under 50 cents a favor still.


personalized key chains
Personalized Wedding Key Chains – Available on Amazon

Everyone could use a keychain! These cheap favors come in a lot of different prices, but you can get a cute pack of 100 personalized keychains for $40. That comes out to 40 cents apiece.


bookmarks that say "and they lived happily ever after"
Customized wedding favor bookmarks – Available from Loud Bride on Etsy

Bookmarks are super cheap and can be a really cute way to show off your love of books. You can get a personalized template to print at home or your local print shop. Or buy these in bulk from Amazon to decorate. These come out to just 10 cents each. Perfect for a bookworm couple.

Travel Bar Soap

This is another idea that might take a little bit of extra work to personalize, but little bars of soap can be an adorable favor. You can get 100 bars of travel-sized soap for $28, coming out to 28 cents each. Great for a destination wedding or doctors looking to remind people to wash their hands often.

round sticker that says "K+M 8/21/20xx"
Personalized Wedding Favor Stickers from Zazzle

If you have a little more money to spend, you can buy personalized stickers on Zazzle to make these extra special.


vintage postcards in a pile
Vintage Postcards Available on Amazon

Having a travel-themed wedding? Give out personalized postcards as your favors! You can make them custom on websites like Canva or order simple ones on Amazon for under 15 cents a piece.

Tea Bags

Give your guests something they can use at home. Love is brewing tea bags filled with your favorite local leaves with a simple note from you could be an adorable gift for your guests to remember the wedding.

Coffee Beans

Similar to the tea bag idea, everyone loves coffee! Give your guest a pack of coffee beans or instant coffee to remember your day by the next time they’re sipping their morning coffee. Keep this under $0.50 by buying the coffee in bulk and giving guests just enough to make 1-2 cups at home.

Hot Chocolate Packs

warm up at the hot chocolate bar sign
Hot Chocolate Bar Sign Available on Zazzle

If you’re not a fan of coffee or tea, hot chocolate is another great option as a drinkable favor for your guests. It’s easy to get bulk packs of hot chocolate on Amazon or stores like Costco. I could see this being great for a mountain wedding or winter wedding favor.

Hershey Kisses

hershey kiss with sticker on the bottom that says "M&D"
Personalized Kiss Stickers Available on Zazzle

Who doesn’t love a Hershey’s Kiss? Buy a bulk bag of these little sweets and pop a cute sticker on the bottom of them. You can get personalized ones on Zazzle that come with a sticker for $0.40 each.

Personal Letter

This idea for a favor could be really cute – and possibly free! Write a simple thank you letter for each individual guest and set it at their assigned seat. Include a photo of the two of you from years past as a fun way to remind them of the fun times you’ve had together.


heart sticker pack
Heart Sticker Pack Including Personalized Stickers from Aianaiya Illustration on Etsy

Another easy thing to make yourself or order on Etsy, stickers are a lovely favor to give to your guests. They’ll put it on their coffee mug or favorite notebook so they can always remember your special day. 

Pack of Tissues

a basket full of tissue packs that says "for your happy tears"
Happy Tears 100 Tissue Packs Available on Amazon

Every guest could use something to dry those happy tears! Pick up a bulk pack of small tissue packs on Amazon and hand them out during the ceremony as your favor. 

Paper Coasters

paper coaster stack
Personalized Coasters Available on Amazon

Need something guests can use at the wedding and take home? Pick up some perfect paper coasters to place on the tables. These come out to about 34 cents apiece on Amazon.


welcome favor tag that says "welcome. thank you fo much for traveling to be with us on our special day. we're so glad you're here! enjoy your stay! much love, lola and austin"
Wedding Favor Tags From Zazzle

Wanna have a sweet time? Tie a note around some lollipop sticks and hand them out as your favors for guests to enjoy now or later. 

ring pop party pack
Ring Pops in Bulk From Amazon

Or go on theme with ring pops! This pack of 20 comes out to $0.38 per pop.


If you have a Cricut, you can make these plain can coolers into an adorable wedding favor with some vinyl! Everyone loves getting a Koozie.

Hand Sanitizer Carriers

hand sanitizer carriers
Hand Sanitizer Carriers on Amazon

This is a great post-pandemic item! Fill them or don’t, but these cheap and adorable favors will surely be a crowd-pleaser. Check them out on Amazon for only 40 cents each. Add your wedding date and names with vinyl if you’re crafty.

More Wedding Favors Under A Dollar

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more on wedding favors for your guests, here are some more ideas that are still under $1 each!


heart sunglasses
Heart-shaped Sunglasses Available on Amazon

This is an especially great option if you’re having a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding of some kind. Check out these adorable sunglasses that are only 70 cents each!

Wine Stoppers

heart shaped wine stoppers on a table
Heart-shaped wine stoppers available on Amazon

These cute heart-shaped wine stoppers are a great idea for a wedding favor. You can get them on Amazon for around 98 cents each.


match box that says "the perfect match"
The Perfect Match Wedding Favors Available on Zazzle

Light a fire in your guest’s hearts with these cute match sets. These personalized one from Zazzle are beautiful enough to keep around for a while and there are plenty more design choices to match any theme.

Succulent Candles

candles shaped like succulents
Succulent Candles Available on Amazon

Love plants? Love candles? Put them together! Hand out these creative succulent candles as your wedding favor. Check them out on Amazon for 88 cents each.

Looking for other ways to save money on your wedding?

Here is some recommended reading:

Not sure what your budget is for favors?

You can check out my free budget guide if you sign up for my newsletter. It automatically calculates what you should spend where based on your budget and guest count and helps you stay on track. It’s like the fairy godmother of numbers.


Jaime is the owner of Loud Bride and Coast Designs LLC. She got married in 2017 in Geneseo, NY and designed her own wedding invitations and programs for the occasion. Now, she designs bespoke wedding stationery and affordable templates for other couples. She lives in New York city with her husband and two children.

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