30 Items Brides Forget On Their Wedding Day

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For couples getting married, there is so much going on in the process of planning, and it’s going on up to the minute they leave for the ceremony, that it’s easy to forget things in between. But it’s important to remember the items that are going to make your day special – and that will help avoid any issues! 

What do most brides forget on their wedding day?

We polled over 100 brides on Facebook and found out what most of them forget on their wedding day. And the answers may surprise you.

The good news is that most brides don’t forget anything on their wedding day. Over 60% of brides said they didn’t forget to bring anything or leave anything behind. Other commonly forgotten things are your handwritten vows, an overnight bag, sentimental items for photos, and the marriage certificate.

While not a physical item, a lot of brides and grooms do forget to eat on their wedding day. It’s usually a busy day for couples — between moving from the ceremony to pictures to cocktail hour to dances — the time flies by. And you feel like you need to talk to everyone you invited at least once which leaves little time for eating.

While it’s good news that most brides don’t forget anything for their day, a lot of couples do forget a thing or two. Keep reading for an extensive list of what brides typically forget on their wedding day and use it as a checklist for yourself!

Checklist of things to pack for your wedding day

It’s inevitable that you’ll forget something for the big day. With all of the stress of planning and excitement for the day itself, you’ll likely leave something behind that won’t matter at all. To be better prepared and minimize what you’ll leave out by mistake, make a checklist. Or better yet, use this one! Check out this list of things you will not want to forget on your wedding day:

1. Everything you need to wear.

It’s not likely that you’ll forget the dress or suit, but you’d be surprised at how many brides forget their jewelry, the right shoes, and even the underwear they need to wear. The night before or the morning of, ensure you have everything you will be putting on to walk down the aisle with you and ready to go. 

Pro tip: Ask a trusted family member or bridesmaid to make sure you have everything required for your wedding ensemble. It’s an easy way to remember everything.

2. Your wedding bands. 

This is another one you probably won’t forget, but given the importance of having the rings at your ceremony, it is best that I mention it anyway. 

3. The marriage certificate.

While this is a pretty important item to have on your wedding day, you would be surprised how many people forget their marriage certificates. I knew a couple who actually completely forget they needed a license to get married at all, so they didn’t even have the certificate. They ended up having to get officially married weeks after their wedding day. Just make sure you remember! 

4. Remaining payments and vendor tips.

For some brides, unless you’ve been reminded specifically about vendor tips, it’s easy to forget. Make sure you have the right amount of cash or a checkbook to be able to pay your vendors, whether it’s for the tips for the staff or a remaining payment for the services. Pre-portioned envelopes are a great way to make sure everyone gets the right amount. If you are having a day-of coordinator they can hold on to these tips and dole them out for you.

5. Your wedding night bag.

You would be surprised at how many brides forget their overnight bags. One bride-to-be we polled told us about her sister-in-law’s forgotten toiletries. She remembered her clothes, but completely forgot that all of her toiletries needed to be moved to her wedding night room. “She got there and only had clothes, no toiletries because the clothes had been packed days in advance but she didn’t remember to add her toiletries to the bag when she finished with them on the day.”

Obviously you can use a bag you already own but if you’re looking for a cute overnight bag, I have had this one from Hershel for years and love it. It even comes with a matching toiletry bag.

6. A bridal emergency kit.

You will not want to be caught without a Tide Stick or extra tampons on your wedding day. Having an emergency kit filled with everything to avoid total disasters is a smart move – but you don’t have to go to Target and drop a ton of money on brand new items for it. Collect things from around your house, and ask bridesmaids or trusted family members to bring some as well. That’s another great way to ensure that nothing is forgotten! 

Or check out this mini-emergency kit from Amazon that has everything you need to have in a tight spot!

7. Transportation for the wedding party.

It would not be good if someone in the wedding party misses your wedding, so make sure you have ample transportation for everyone. One groom even got left behind because there was no official plan for him. “At some point, I looked up from the TV to an empty house. Everyone else was engrossed with their own prep and schedule, so offering me a ride to my own wedding was the last thing on people’s minds.”

8. Your shoes, jewelry, tie, or other accessories for your outfit.

Anything you need to snazz up your outfit or the essential accessories for the groom like a belt and tie should go on your checklist and be laid out the night before in advance. You don’t want to have to send the best man back to the hotel for a forgotten tie or dress socks.

9. Wedding signs and other last minute decor.

People need to know where to go, what they’re eating, and what’s on the bar menu – so you don’t want to forget signs. Make sure you don’t forget to make and bring signs for every table and for directions to parking, the venue, and other things you might need. 

10. Getting ready outfits for you and the wedding party. 

If you and your bridal party are doing getting-ready outfits, makes sure you have one for everyone. Also, ensure that you got the right sizing so that everyone is comfortable. 

11. Gifts for friends and family.

Traditionally, you are supposed to get certain people a present as a thank you on your wedding day. Not everyone does this, so if you’re not, ignore this item. But if you are – don’t forget your presents! 

12. Your vows.

If you and your future spouse are exchanging vows, don’t forget them! Whether you’re handwriting them or printing them out, don’t get caught at the ceremony empty-handed. It’s also a good idea to have an extra copy stashed with a close friend. 

13. Food and snacks for before the wedding.

A lot of brides forget to eat on the day of their wedding out of excitement. Don’t let that be you! Remember to bring snacks and eat lunch, or have someone around to remind you so that you don’t faint at any point during the day. 

14. Phone chargers.

While you shouldn’t be looking at your phone all day, you do want to make sure it’s charged in case someone needs to reach you or you want to take a few informal selfies in a quiet moment. Remind yourself and your bridesmaids to make sure they have chargers!

15. Tissues or a handkerchief. 

This one doesn’t need a lot of explaining. You will want to have tissues for every tear and drop of sweat.

16. Sunscreen or sunglasses. 

In all the excitement of getting ready, you might forget to actually protect your skin. Make sure you wear an ample amount of sunscreen, especially if you’re getting married on a hot and sunny day.

And sunglasses may not of been something you thought of but might want to have on hand for off-moments or after the ceremony if you’re getting married before sunset.

17. Fashion tape to keep things in place.

You never know who is going to forget what – and fashion tape can fix just about any fashion emergency or wardrobe malfunction. 

18. Perfume for something special.

If you’re wearing a signature scent for your special day, make sure it’s packed in your day-of bag! Some couples pick out a new scent for the wedding so they’ll always associate that perfume or cologne with that day. As an added bonus, have your significant other pick out the scent you’ll be wearing so you know it’s something that they are attracted to.

19. Touch up cosmetics.

No one wants to be caught without their makeup on their wedding day, and the wedding party doesn’t either! Make sure you have makeup and extras for touch ups if you’re getting your make up professionally done just in case!

20. Any essential medicine.

If there are medications you take on a regular basis, make sure you remember to pack them for the sake of your health. And if there’s anything you usually have on hand for emergencies like an inhaler, an epipen, or anxiety meds, include those too.

This might be included in your emergency kit, but you should have medicine on hand for any headaches, stomach issues, or anything else that might occur. 

21. Bottle of water. 

Just like you might forget to eat, you may forget to keep hydrated. Keep a bottle of water by your side all day, or designate someone to make sure you’re drinking enough. This is a great task for the mother of the bride or maid of honor.

22. Contact list for important people. 

This is important for both you and anyone around you. Make sure everyone who might need it has a contact list for the important people at your wedding – bride, groom, maid or honor, best man, and designated family members.

Obviously, most people have their phones for this nowadays. Start a text chain with anyone who doesn’t know each other but may need to sync up for transportation or other logistics so everyone knows how to get in touch.

23. A set of wedding invites. 

If you want posed pictures of your wedding invitations, you need to bring them for your photographer to use. 

24. An extra, empty bag. 

You would be surprised at how much you might accumulate on the day of the wedding. Gifts that are handed to you that have a special meaning, decor from the ceremony, extra wedding favors, etc. Just to avoid more mess than you can handle, bring an empty tote back to throw stuff into so that everything stays in one place. 

25. You plane tickets, passport and itinerary for travel after the wedding.

If you’re leaving for the honeymoon right after the wedding, you will want to make sure that you have everything you need for traveling with you on the wedding night. 

26. Comfy socks for after the wedding.

If you’re someone whose feet get cold, make sure to have comfy and warm socks on hand just in case. This also makes a cute gift for your future spouse on the day of. 

27. An extra pair of shoes to change into. 

While we’re talking about footwear, you might want to bring a pair of flats or flip flops to change into for dancing or traveling back from the venue. Wedding heels are not known to be super comfy. And after five or six hours on your feet, you’ll be dying to kick off the fancy shoes and slip on something more comfortable.

Did you know that they make emergency flats that fold up to fit in a clutch? I’ve had these ones from Amazon for years and I always grab them for a late night out. It’s saved me from going barefoot countless times because I couldn’t stand my heels any longer.

28. A mini speaker for getting ready or after-party tunes.

You and your gang are going to want to jam out while you’re getting ready. Or you’ll need a way to keep the party going a little longer. Don’t forget to bring a bluetooth speaker!

29. Bottle of bubbly.

If you’re planning on having some pre-game drinks before the ceremony, make sure you don’t forget to pack it. 

30. Love, love, LOVE!

Make sure you come ready to have a great time and express the love you have for your significant other. This is your day! 

Looking for a shortcut? Buy everything on this checklist with one click by checking out my Amazon shopping list for the day of your wedding.


Jaime is the owner of Loud Bride and Coast Designs LLC. She got married in 2017 in Geneseo, NY and designed her own wedding invitations and programs for the occasion. Now, she designs bespoke wedding stationery and affordable templates for other couples. She lives in New York city with her husband and two children.

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