25 Gifts for Your First Christmas Together

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The holidays after you get engaged or married are a special time in your life as a couple. If you are still relishing in the newly engaged or just wed glow, here are 25 perfect gifts to get yourselves or other just married couples in your life.

Yes, there are some personalized gifts in there if you plan to change or recently changed your last name. But if you kept your names, there are still plenty of options for you to get a meaningful gift for your first Christmas together with a portrait, first names, date, or location instead of the traditional monogram or “The Smiths”.

Personalized Cutting Board

Cutting board from WalnutArtisanGallery on Etsy

This cutting board makes the perfect gift to celebrate all of the cooking you’ll do as a new Mr. and Mr., Mrs. and Mrs., or Mr. and Mrs. I received a similar one as a wedding present and I’m still using it five years later to chop my kids’ grapes or serve peanut butter and jelly. It’s functional for cutting for everyday cooking or you can use it as a fancy cheese platter for parties.

Just remember that you can’t put it in the dishwasher or it ruins the wood. So I don’t like to use it for chopping meats or anything else that really needs to be sanitized afterwords.

Leather Wrapped Espresso Cups

Leather Wrapped Espresso Cups from 1202SupplyCo on Etsy

Great for espresso lovers. Get you and your new spouse matching cups with your new last name (or just your initials if you kept your last names the same) and start a new Sunday ritual of a fancy jolt.

These also make a great gift for a third wedding anniversary because of the leather.

Custom Family Illustration

Family Portrait Illustration from BellePivoin on Etsy

I love this one especially for blended families to show you altogether as one for the holidays. This also works for just a couple or a couple with kids to celebrate your first Christmas officially as a family.

Custom Embroidered Wall Hanging

Custom Embroidered Wall Hanging Available from Threaded Love Company on Etsy

Add a new festive decoration to your line up with this beautiful embroidered wall hanging. It’s a great holiday decoration but nice enough to be up all year. My sister made me a cross-stitched couples portrait as a gift for my wedding and it’s still hanging up in my bedroom.

Personalized Leather Coordinate Keychain

Leather Coordinate Keychain available from VantlerLeather on Etsy

I love the mystery behind this keychain. Imagine your loved one unwrapping it, turning it over wondering what memory you’re immortalizing, and a note with what place your chose and why making them remember and smile. You can choose your wedding location, honeymoon spot, or your new home together!

Want to see even more perfect gifts for your first Christmas together? Try these personalized picks from Etsy editors.

Monogrammed Old Fashion Glasses

Monogrammed Whiskey Glass Available from Vital on Etsy

For the couple who loves to cozy up by the fire with a nice glass of whiskey, try these personalized Old Fashion glasses with their new monogram (or if they didn’t change their last name, use both of their initials.)

Personalized Dopp Kit

Personalized Dopp Kit from ZeynNY on Etsy

This waxed canvas bag is perfect for their upcoming honeymoon or other travels. It holds make up or toiletries and can be personalized in a subtle with their initials on a tag. This is great for the couple in your life that doesn’t like anything overly monogrammed.

Custom Hand Cut Map Artwork

Custom hand cut map artwork from Studio KMO on Etsy

I really admire the intricacy of this artwork and I bet any married couple would too! Perfect way to add in some affordable and meaningful artwork to your new home or apartment. I would pick the spot you met, got married, or honeymooned to remind yourselves of that special memory forever.

Tiny Letter Necklace

Tiny intitial necklace from Shopevern on Etsy

This is a great gift for a partner who just changed his or her name. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the change.

Hand Stamped Necklace

Hande Stamped Necklace from Junghwa on Etsy

And for a more sentimental version, I like this necklace that let’s you personalize it with initials in an “A <3 B” style and add a date!

Personalized Bookplate Stamp

Personalized book plate stamp from PaperSushi on Etsy

I love this for the book worm couple. Start building your library together with this adorable personalized bookplate stamp. Because you know it’s serious when you mix each other’s books on the same shelf. (Something I have finally done 5 year’s into marriage!) Plus your friends and family will never forget who they borrowed from.

You have 20 characters to personalize on this one so you can choose first names if you didn’t change your last name.

Pet ID Tag

Pet ID tag from The Lonely Moose on Etsy

Did you wait to get married to get your first pet together? For your brand new fur baby, give them a personalized ID tag with your phone number to celebrate the start of your new family.

Personalized Pet Portrait

Custom pet portrait from A Illustration LTD on Etsy

Or commemorate your pet with a custom portrait. Great way to freshen up your new house or apartment as a married couple.

Hand Stamped Tag Necklace

Tag Necklace by Jungwa on Etsy

Customizable for any gender couple, I love this simple tag-style necklace that features “Mr and Mrs” (Or “Mr and Mr” or “Mrs and Mrs”) and the year you tied the knot.

Personalized Wine Tumblers

Wine Tumblers from Laura Lynn Pottery on Etsy

I’m a sucker for handmade pottery (and wine). If you are the type of couple who enjoys these things too (or know some wine-loving couple who could use some sturdy glassware), check out these beauties.

National Park Push Pin Map

Push Pin Map from Wayfaren on Etsy

Another pick for the couple with a travel bug. This inspirational gift will have their wanderlust activated. The map comes in an aesthetically-pleasing minimal design, choice of natural wood frames, and 100 push pins in your choice of colors.

Personalized Home Sweet Home Sign

Home Sweet Home Sign by Cherie Kay Signs on Etsy

This farmhouse sign can be personalized with your new last name or ask if you can do two first names e.g. “Jaime and Mike” if you didn’t change your last name. If the farmhouse look isn’t your style, this shop has some more modern design options as well.

Custom Wood Sign

Custom wood sign from CJamStore on Etsy

This one can be personalized with a last name or with your new address. I love the geometric look of the wood slat background.

Our First Christmas Ornament

Our first Christmas ornament from Keptsake on Etsy

It’s a classic that you’ll cherish for years to come hanging on your Christmas tree. Use your first names as the personalization or pick from one of their many other designs. I love the simple design on this one.

Personalized Charcuterie Plank

Charcuterie post from Left Coast Original on Etsy

For the couple that loves to party, uh, I mean, entertain. I like that this one has multiple compartments to keep your items separately arranged and this shop allows for a lot of customization on the name. You can choose from 25 different designs and add a last name, first names, and/or date. They also have some unique options for beer pints or a taster flight board.

Champagne Flute Set

Champagne flutes from Everything Etched AZ on Etsy

Perfect gift to get for your first champagne toast on New Year’s Eve. You can customize the title options so all genders can be accommodated. (A must for me if I’m recommending an item.)

Personalized Mountain Camping Mug

I love the look of enamel mugs. You can get a personalized one for the camping or outdoors-loving couple in your life.

Custom Doormat

It’s a classic for a reason. A doormat is functional and this one is pretty too! A perfect way to greet guests into your home as a married couple.

Personalized Pillow

Pillow by Willow Creek Company on Etsy

I love this idea for a porch area or sitting room in your new home. You can personalize with your first names and date you got hitched.

Custom Marble Wood Coasters

Marble and wood coasters by Wood by Stu on Etsy

Everyone could use more coasters. This set is customizable with your first names and wedding year. They also have two shapes and a few designs to choose from so you can get something truly unique.

Looking for more gift ideas? Etsy has a whole page dedicated to the perfect gifts for newly weds. Check it out here.


Jaime is the owner of Loud Bride and Coast Designs LLC. She got married in 2017 in Geneseo, NY and designed her own wedding invitations and programs for the occasion. Now, she designs bespoke wedding stationery and affordable templates for other couples. She lives in New York city with her husband and two children.

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